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The Rifle Trade

You can now access this exclusive 60 minute premium video and course manual. The Professor revealed one of his stock trading strategies, his ‘Rifle Trading strategy’. In this course, you’ll see this strategy used for real, so that you’ll know exactly:

  • How to find the best trades fast
  • Exactly when to buy and when to sell
  • How to manage the positions
  • How to minimize your risk and maximize your profit

This strategy is equally suitable for novice and experienced traders and once you learn this powerful trading strategy you can use it immediately.

99.99% of investors or traders have no idea about the strategy you’ll learn on this course, as it’s simply not taught anywhere else

The success stories and testimonial we’ve received from clients, show how effective and profitable the Professor’s strategies really are. Whether you’re already trading or relatively new to investing, this is a once in a life time chance to learn one of the best investment techniques in the World…

Your price will be only $99 (that’s way below the asking price of $299)

ONLY $99

Price includes unlimited access to the recording and the course manual in PDF.

If you ever want to learn one of the truly remarkable stock trading strategies and enjoy the wealth and lifestyle it can bring, now is the time to take action and access this course.

For the last few years, traders and investors in Jacksonville, Florida have had legendary trader Hank Swiencinski all to themselves. No longer. The Professor, as he is known by his clients, has already presented his The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management’ to a selected audience in the spring. Now he’s gone a step further by revealing for the first time his devastatingly effective ‘Rifle Trade’.

This remarkable strategy is the foundation of the Professor’s Position Trading’ course and has never before been available outside the walls of the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville, FL.

Hank has been garnering extensive TV and newspaper coverage of his legendary stock trading strategies course.

Women and the stock market segment on News 4 with Hank Swiencinski, the Professor


This is not some new fangled gimmick or a retread of some basic strategy wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow

The Professor’s Rifle Trade’ uses a combination of technical indicators, that he has thoroughly tested during his 25 years of trading. And they really work. You only have to read the testimonials from The Professor’s clients to realize that what the Professor teaches is revolutionizing how traders and investors manage their portfolios.

This course also includes:

  • The 2 time frames key to this devastating system
  •  The 3 core indicators, the foundation of the ‘Professor’s position trading strategy
  •  The best times to use this strategy; you’ll be spoiled for choices
  •  The key oversold reading that allows us to buy the cake and eat the cake

The Professor’s subscribers have recently been Rifle Trading GILD, USO and OIL to name a few

To be successful you need a simple but effective strategy, no filler; that’s what the Rifle Trade is and this your opportunity to join the club. You may never get another opportunity like this, so get your access NOW. You’ll be very glad you did.

Your price will be only $99 (that’s way below the asking price of $299)

ONLY $99

Price includes unlimited access to the recording of the event and the course manual in PDF.