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Cum Laude Daily Service

Hank Swiencinski, the Professor and AIQ have been partnering together for the past 10 years to provide his Cum Laude under the One Minute Stock website. The Cum Laude service archives all the Professors comments, Deans List and Members Watch List and Model Portfolio updates. We also e-mail all of the updates as soon as possible after the Professor posts them. Cum Laude service includes:

The Professor’s comments on the market in your inbox

Twice a week you’ll get the Professor’s market update and specifics on the current status. Elliott Wave and the ‘Hockey Stick’ patterns feature prominently.

The Deans List of Stocks that meet the Professor’s algorithms in your inbox

The ranking is provided by the professor’s proprietary algorithms and is updated every day.

It provides a relative strength against other entries along with potential market changes and sector strengths and weaknesses. The Dean’s List is where to go to look for strong stocks or ETFs.

Weekend Strategy Review in your inbox

At the weekend the Professor lays out his plan for the coming week. It’s the big picture of what he expects the markets to do and where to focus in the coming week.

The professors Market Signals

Included in the commentary updates

The Professor’s Model Portfolio updates in your inbox

How does our Model Portfolio work? – we started this late February 2019.

Ever since I started One Minute Stock, I always wondered what would happen if I posted a Model Portfolio. The Model could be used to help students structure their own individual portfolios. Recently I was looking at my market timing indicators on the cockpit, it occurred to me that these indicators could be used as the triggers for ETFs in a Model Portfolio.

Anyhow, while I was looking at the cockpit lights, I wondered how a moderately aggressive portfolio, based on the Dow, NASDAQ, Gold, and Crude Oil would have performed during 2018, Frankly i was delighted! My ‘theoretical’ portfolio would have produced a gain of over 129 percent in 2018*. Heck, I’d be extremely happy with a low maintenance Model if it gained 1/3 of the 129 percent in a year!

I started with the assumption that my portfolio would consist of $100,000, divided up into four pots of $25K each. I would then use each pot to buy ETFs that track the Dow, NASDAQ, Gold, and Crude Oil.

whenever the market timing signals for these ETFs turned positive and when the signals turn negative buy the inverse ETFs. These ETFs include DDM, QLD, GLD and UCO as well as inverse DXD, SCO NUGT and others.

The Professor’s Sector Rotation Strategy included in commentary

With his sector rotation even in sideways markets there are strong and weak sectors to take advantage of. Go long the strong sectors during flat markets and rallies and short the weak sectors during pullbacks.

Each of the Professors sectors has an accompanying ETF that he uses as a trading vehicle. Entries and exits from the ETFs is timed based on the Professor’s own VTI indicator, Volume and Money Flow.

Every update is e-mailed directly to you and is available on the web site members area.

All for only $59/mo

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All of the commentary expressed in this site and any attachments are opinions of the author, subject to change, and provided for educational purposes only. Nothing in this commentary or any attachments should be considered as trading advice. Trading any financial instrument is RISKY and may result in loss of capital including loss of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Always understand the RISK before you trade. This is a month-to-month service. You may cancel at any time. Monthly fee is not prorated, cancellation occurs at end of the members month.

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