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Hank Swiencinski, The Professor

35+ years of experience in trading and trading education

2 years ago the Professor officially launched his groundbreaking Arrows trading system. It was an immediate hit. WHY? Because every day presented a new opportunity for this complete, easy-to-learn trading system, to generate buy and sell points. Now he's gone further and enhanced this outstanding system.

Designed for ThinkorSwim Desktop Platform.

SAVE 35%

Using his Arrows the Professor trades ETFs like QQQ, SQQQ, DIA, SDOW, TNA, TZA, and more waiting for green arrows to appear and If the demand indicator and other tools confirm the rating.

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Green and red arrows make it easy

I’ve developed an EXTREMELY simple trading screen with arrows that show well-defined entry and exit points on the ThinkorSwim platform.

You shouldn't be trading without this

I believe that if you can’t trade successfully with the new arrows and colored indicators, you shouldn’t be trading.

Confirming indicators for added security

Bias display and Demand Index confirmation  bring confidence to your trades.

Colored price bars for instant trend

With this latest development, the emphasis was given to decision-making based on color coding with less screen clutter.

Why Arrows Trading Works

SPY June 1 - 5, 2023 Enhanced Arrows Chart speaks for itself 

Here's the 30-minute Chart of the ETF SPY Green Arrows, and Green Bars with confirming indicators that occurred on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Entry at $418

June 5, 2023 at 1pm Eastern, we received a Red Arrow, our indication to exit our SPY position. Exit at $429

QQQ June 7 - 9, 2023 Enhanced Arrows Chart speaks for itself 

Green Arrow Buy, test the water, all in when confirming indicators go positive. Red Arrow Sell. Can't get any easier than that.

The Professor's Enhanced Arrows traders were in on these moves on QQQ over the last few days.

What my Traders are saying about Arrows Trading 

Lucas K. said.......

I just want to share the success I have been having using the arrows with options. I have been watching stocks and ETFs that have bullish patterns …. It almost feels like cheating!

Bob D. said......

 I’ve got to tell you, this recent arrows class was fantastic. After watching for a few days I stuck my toe in and came home $2700 richer. Many many thanks for that class.

jean S. said.......

In my opinion, this is the easiest setup to trade stocks that you have introduced.  I’m  much better, and confident, entering and exiting trades. As always, thanks for all you do! 


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