The Professor's Scalp Trading Strategy - 2021 Arrows

2021 Arrows video plus the original 3 video series - 4th generation Custom Indicators Revealed. Includes 2 extra update videos. The entire Scalp Trading Premium package now available.

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The Professor featured on TV

The Professor's Florida courses at the University of N. Florida have gained national awareness for the founder.


Radio interview with the Professor

Inside Jacksonville radio host Jim Byard interviews Hank Swiencinski, aka the Professor.


Cum Laude Service

Each day you’ll get the Professor’s market update and specifics on the current status. Elliott Wave and the ‘Hockey Stick’ patterns feature prominently. 4 days a week the Professor provides a snapshot reading on the market based on his preferred indicators and algorithms. It’s the quickest way to see where the market is headed.


Why the Professor does what he does

Hank Swiencinski, the Professor explains why he started teaching his methodologies and stock trading strategies.