Acclaimed Author and trader Hank Swiencinski, aka The Professor, has been teaching trading at the University of North Florida since the spring of 2009. His courses have been the subject of much acclaim in Jacksonville’s news media, the Florida Times Union, and its two major network stations.

He is the co-author of The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management, a highly informative book that addresses his straight forward, easy to learn methodology. He has conducted numerous seminars and webinars on trading and is currently the principal contributor to OneMinuteStock web site.

One hour streaming video – includes webinar handouts

If you enjoyed The Professor’s previous courses on ‘Trading The Turns’ and ‘Rifle Trades’, or you’re new to his trading style, you’re gonna love this special on signs of a major market turn.

The Professor usually holds an update class whenever the Market looks like it may be making a major turn.  If you have been following the Professor’s Comments you know that a turn is due.

The Professor wants to make sure that everyone understands the market turn and actions that they can take. This video goes into details as seen from The Professors prospective and the projected timing and levels. If the Dollar continues to rise, the deflationary environment it causes would be bad for most stocks, bonds, commodities. Stocks doing business overseas would be the hardest hit. On the other hand, IF the dollar starts to decline, it would be good for most U.S. Stocks.


As an added feature he will talk about ways to use the Deans List for trading, following and recognizing market changes.

This video also covers:

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