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The Professor’s 3 in 1 deal

For the last few years, traders and investors in Jacksonville, Florida have had legendary trader Hank Swiencinski all to themselves. No longer. The Professor, as he is known by his clients, has released three of his legendary trading strategies over the last 12 months to a selected audience.

Now he’s gone a step further by combining all 3 courses into one package at a special introductory rate. The Professor Hank has been featured extensively on TV and in newspapers in Jacksonville, FL, for his legendary stock trading courses. This limited time offer is only available here!


PACKAGE #1 – The Rifle Trade

rifle-trade-cover3dThis strategy is equally suitable for novice and experienced traders and once you learn this powerful trading strategy you can use it immediately.

99.99% of investors or traders have no idea about the strategy you’ll learn on this course, it’s simply not taught anywhere else

The success stories and testimonial we’ve received from clients, show how effective and profitable the ‘Professor’s’ strategies really are. Whether you’re already trading or relatively new to investing, this is a once in a life time chance to learn one of the best investment techniques in the World…


If you ever want to learn a truly remarkable trading strategy and enjoy the wealth and lifestyle it can bring, now is the time to take action

The ‘Professor’s’ Rifle Trade’ uses a combination of technical indicators, that he has thoroughly tested during his 25 years of trading. And they really work. You only have to read the testimonials from The Professor’s clients to realize that what the Professor teaches is revolutionizing how traders and investors manage their portfolios.

You’ll see this strategy used for real, so that you’ll know exactly:

  • The 2 time frames key to this devastating system
  • The 3 core indicators, the foundation of the ‘Professor’s position trading strategy
  • The best times to use this strategy; you’ll be spoiled for choices
  • The key oversold reading that allows us to buy the cake and eat the cake
  • How to find the best trades fast
  • Exactly when to buy and when to sell
  • How to manage the positions
  • How to minimize your risk and maximize your profit

The Professor’s subscribers have recently been Rifle Trading GILD, USO and OIL to name a few. To be successful you need a simple but effective strategy, no filler; that’s what the Rifle Trade is and this your opportunity to join the club.

PACKAGE #2 – Trading the Turns


trading-the-uturns-cover3dHeads are turning with the latest from the Professor. This amazing strategy will arm you with the tools to turn the tables on your trading with devastating results.

One of the more important questions that traders face periodically is to determine when a stock or a market is reversing.

How do you know that you’re not catching a falling knife?

If you ‘re thinking about buying a stock that has pulled back in a downtrend, how do you know that you’re not catching a falling knife? The reverse is also true. If you buy a stock in an up trend, how can you tell when it still has more upside, or when it’s too late and time to get out?

It’s rather simple really, but you must know the signs

In his Trading the Turns course, the Professor will show you exactly how to make these types of trades. There are several elements to making these trades, and you need all of them in place to be successful.

Major trend or false alarm?

There’s a certain pattern you’ll need to learn and to look for and also which indicators to use to trigger your trades. Once in the trade, it’s critical you learn how to tell if a major trend is starting or if it’s a false alarm. Without these key trade building blocks, you might as well pick trades at random.

This simple idea is often overlooked – predict targets before you trade

The professor has a technique you can learn that predict targets for these trades. You see, some targets are not worth the effort, and some are, so you know which trades to take and which ones to avoid. All this before you even place a trade, now doesn’t seem like the ultimate way to trade?

I’m in but how and when do I really need to exit?

Suffice to say, there’s no profit until you take the money off the table, and there’s no sense in letting a losing trade ride (and yes not all the Professor’s trades are winners). Here’s where you will learn how to use the Professor’s money management techniques to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Bonus: How the Professor predicted all four major market moves of 2013

The Professor also reviews how he used this Methodology to identify all four of the major Up turns  in 2013. Each of these four turns identified moves of approximately 1,000 Dow points. That’s almost 4,000 Dow points! In 2013 alone!

you’ll see this strategy used for real, so that you’ll know:

  • How to avoid the trades that look like a pullback or a rally but are really not
  • Which indicators are best for triggering these trades
  • How to spot whether your trade is in a major trend or not
  • How to predict stop targets for these trades
  • When to take money off the table
  • How to minimize risk and maximize profit

PACKAGE #3 – Going to the Candy Store


candy-store-3dHot off the press!! Fed day pay day – learn how to cash in on fed day. With this simple yet effective strategy you learn how to trade the Fed day and get the bonus 100 point move predictor thrown in. Plus a peek inside the Professor’s algorithm.

So what’s with the title? This course focuses on the techniques he uses to trade the markets on event driven days like the Fed Announcement. He calls these techniques ‘Going to the Candy Store’. Like all of the techniques in the Professor’s Methodology, they are extremely easy to understand and apply.

With the right setup and technical analysis, these special days in the market can be money in the bank. It’s not rocket science, it’s commonsense and simple technique.


100 point move predictor

There’s always more than one candy at the candy store! The Professor also reveals how he uses the A-D oscillator to predict moves of 100 points or more, a day or two before the moves actually occur.

Knowing that the Dow will be making a move a day or two in advance can be extremely profitable. It’s almost like going to the race-track with the results from tomorrow’s newspaper in hand. It’s that good!

In addition to being able to identify the Big Moves, the Professor will also show you how he uses the A-D oscillator to identify short-term trend changes.

A peek inside The Professor’s Algorithm

We’re going to give a peek inside the Professor’s most powerful tool, his Algorithm. You’ll learn how he uses The Professor Algorithm to identify the times when the market is setting up to begin a Major Trend.

That’s three complete courses, The Rifle Trade, Trading the Turns and Going to the Candy Store. All in one package. PLUS we’ve added two indicators the Professor’s never discussed before in these courses. He’ll reveal how he uses these indicators in his trading process during the Going to the Candy Store course. Hint; one of the indicators was created by Tushar Chandes.

Each of these courses sells individually for $299 $99 or more. If you act now we’ll also include the slides for all 3 courses!

This entire package with 3 courses, 2 bonus indicators and slides is all yours for the low price of


Act now before we change our mind

If you have purchased one or two of these courses previously, please call 1-800-332-2999 or email for special pricing to access this deal.