The Professor's Scalp Trading Strategy

4th generation Custom Indicators Revealed

This past week, I have had a success rate better than 90% of my trades


I MUST tell you that I've been hammering the market with all the volatility that's been going on with my short-term scalp trades. Not a little bit...a lot! The current environment with its EXTREME volatility, is something that is ideal for scalp traders. With this system, I'm making anywhere between 5 to 10 trades per day. I get in, get out, usually within 5-15 minutes, and never hold anything overnight.

Every day presents a new opportunity for this complete, easy to learn trading system. This past week, I have had a success rate of better than 90+ percent of my trades. The indicators and techniques you will learn can also be applied to Position Trades on the 60 minute bars and End of Day trading on the Daily's. You're gonna love this new system.

My new 3-video Scalp Trading series

Last week I have been averaging over a 90 percent win rate.  I’ve been making about 5-10 trades per day, mostly trading index ETFs, like DDM and DXD. I’ve also been trading leveraged Bond funds, like TMG and TBT. I usually stop trading after 3:15 and am out of the market by the close.  When I’m scalping, I’m always out of the market by the close, so I don’t have to worry about what happens overnight.


I presented all three sessions to my top University of Northern Florida continuing education students the other week, and their incredible positive feedback made me realize I had to make the sessions into a video series!


So here you have it, edited and package for you.


Part 1 - Setting up and the custom indicators I use

The first session will be about setting up Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim trading platform.  If you don’t already use ToS, you might want to establish a trading account at TD Ameritrade


You don’t have to fund this account to get access to ToS.


I’ll show you the indicators I use, along with the key settings.  All this will be demonstrated during the first 40-45 minute session. 


I've included the custom settings of the indicators.


Part 2- Selecting stocks and ETFs to trade

The second session will be about selecting stocks and ETFs to trade. 


For this I use the Dean’s List and Member’s Watch List from my Cum Laude service.  But I do it in a special way, a way that tells me which ETFs and stocks on the Lists are at their peak and which ones are setting up for a big move. 


This session is worth its weight in gold.  And even if you don’t use the new methodology to scalp trade, it will help you immensely in Position Trades on the 60 minute bars and for end of day trading. 


Part 3 - My new scalp trading methodology

The final session is where I will explain the new scalp trading methodology in detail. Its here where I will share the recipe for my secret sauce with you. My 4th generation indicators in action.


This is what separates an ordinary trade from a high probability trade.


With this new information, you will be able to know which trades have a success probability of 60-80 percent vs. a win probability of over 85-90 percent. 


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..... after the close, I transfer the money I made during the day to my account at Navy Federal Credit Union.  Most of it goes into a CD.  This way, I never give back any of my profits, a lesson that people who go to casinos, including the stock market, should learn. You don’t need have or risk a lot of money in your trading account to generate a sizeable income to live on.


Let me add something else.  During the past few weeks, I have walked a few students through my new methodology.  So, I know how much time it takes for me to set up and explain the indicators on ThinkorSwim, explain the new methodology, and demonstrate a few sample trades.  I now realize that I cannot do this on an individual basis.  It takes far too much time away from my trading day and costs me a lot of money. So, I’m not doing individual lessons anymore.


Only you can decide if the cost is worth it to you.  Just so you know; I’m giving away my secret sauce in this Class. I’m NOT going to give it away cheap.  At $249, I believe it’s worth 4-5 times the price.  I know what some of my friends in the business charge for their ‘Trading Systems’.  Mine is better and a LOT less expensive. Right now, I’m making enough to pay for the course several times over in just one day.  But like I said, only you can be the judge. 


You should always anticipate what could happen.  My Scalp Trading Video series will prepare you for the future. Then when the future approaches, you will know what and how to trade the various indexes.  That’s what my Scalp Trading Video series is designed to do.  They are a complete trading system, something you will use the rest of your life.



Save $$$$$

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