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Up 29% for 8 months through mid October 2019. Now included in our Cum Laude service. Rotates long and short ETFS on gold, oil, Dow and QQQs. As seen on Actionnews. *educational only

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Trading with the Tide

In this course, Trading With The Tide, The Professor will show you how he puts the odds in his favor by always trading with the tide.

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Cum Laude - Sector Rotation Strategy

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Why the Professor does what he does

"I saw a lot of my friends lose money, and wanted to help. Since 2009 I've been retired and teaching my methodology at UNF Jacksonville. I've been featured in the Florida Times Union appeared on all the major TV stations in Jacksonville."

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The Hockey Stick Pattern

"I consider the Hockey Stick is the basic building block of all patterns. It has two components. The stick portion is the move up or down and then the blade is the pullback or in a down move the reversal. It's a continuation pattern that allows me to predict the target price."

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The Rifle Trade Strategy

• The 2 time frames key to this devastating system
• The 3 core indicators, the foundation of the ‘Professor’s position trading strategy
• The best times to use this strategy; you’ll be spoiled for choices
• The key oversold reading that allows us to buy the cake and eat the cake

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Trading the Turns Strategy

• How to avoid the trades that look like a pullback or a rally but are really not
• Which indicators are best for triggering these trades
• How to spot whether you’re trade is in a major trend or not
• How to predict stop targets for these trades
• When to take money off the table
• How to minimize risk and maximize profit

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